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Why Testimonials are Important to Artisan Central Pre-checked Trade Members

What is a testimonial

Testimonials are written statements that strengthen the credibility and reputation of your business when some a customer expresses their trust of your product or service.

Why are testimonials so effective?

Research suggests that over 90% of customers trust reviews! And in a world where there is choice reviews help Artisan Central pre-checked trade members stand out in the crowd. Testimonials build trust, a commodity that cannot be bought but earned. They tell a story of a customer’s experience with a business owner and their business and have the power to influence another’s decision. People are influenced by the thoughts and feelings of others and seeing what others have to say provides a feeling of security, especially when reviews are consistent.

Which is why we strongly encourage our vetted members to request feedback and testimonials from their clients. Regular reviews when shared to the Artisan Central site strengthen the credibility and trust of our pre-checked, vetted members and certainly helps influence the buying decision of our website visitors when they are looking for trades they can trust. Customers know they are in a safe pair of hands.

Our members regularly confirm to us that when new work is secured, the visibility of their reviews helped their customers buying decision.

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