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New Pool Services by Charente Assistance in 2019!

Charente Assistance has been trialling a revolutionary new system for providing swimming pool care for their clients during 2018.

Rather than charging for a weekly clean and again for any additional visits Charente Assistance have adapted their services to provide a Weekly Pool Care Package during 2018 which has been a great success with existing clients. This new service comes at a fixed weekly charge (dependent upon the volume of your pool) therefore, no matter how many times they need to visit and tend to your pool – the cost is the same!  The service includes a full clean and numerous checks which are carried out at least once a week PLUS any additional visits for chemical adjustments or tests are also included in the cost (all your standard chemicals are also included).

Not content to stop there, they have also been trialing their amazing Clear Water Guarantee which means that there will be no doubt that your pool’s water remains constantly crystal clear throughout the year. Richard Waldeck at Charente Assistance says “as far as we are aware, we are the only pool maintenance company that actually guarantees the clarity of your water”. 

Certain conditions do apply in order to qualify for the Clear Water Guarantee, such as making Charente Assistance responsible for the opening of your pool in the spring and clients must also agree to a full season of their Weekly Pool Care, but this is still a unique and comprehensive offer nontheless. 

In addition to these two fantastic services, Charente Assistance also plan to extend their Weekly Pool Care package to provide a three tiered service and a new Extended Clear Water Guarantee will be available in 2019.  Richard goes on to say “these are exciting times at Charente Assistance with a raft of changes happening in early 2019.  Full details of our new pool services will be available to see on our website from December.”

Charente Assistance is based in Courbillac (16200) and operates within a 30km radius. For more information read their profile on Artisan Central.