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Easter Fun!

The egg is one of the most durable and efficient forms found in nature, here are some of our favorite buildings from around the world that have been inspired by this sleek, Ovoid form.

  • Guiro Art Bar at Miami Beach
  • The great Glass House in the United Kingdom’s Garden of Wales Botanical Gardens
  • The Berlin Brain designed by Foster + Partners looks like a beautifully checkered egg shell embedded into the landscape
  • Egg building China, National Centre for the performing arts, Beijing.
  • Cybertecture Egg Mumbai
  • The iconic Infosys building in Pune, India
  • Whistler’s iconic Hemloft, seen here in its current form in the woods near Kadenwood

And my personal fave –

  • The Exbury Egg house boat. Created by SPUD in collaboration with Perring Architecture + Design, boat builder Paul Baker, naval architect Stephen Payne, and artist Stephen Turner, the temporary timber floating egg was constructed to be both energy-efficient and self-sustaining…

Enjoy eating those chocolate versions folks!