Desirable doors of welcome and durability

The front door is the welcome gateway to our home, a key focal point. With many options available to create a statement, there’s just something about using natural materials to complement a home’s natural architectural style.

And that is is precisely what Artisan Central Member, Matt Kirk of Menuiserie Kirk had done when commissioned by a client to create two statement doors from Euro Oak. One, a stable door and another to emulate a stable door, as part of their renovation of a traditional French property of the area, they wanted a look and use of a material that was both natural and durable.

The mighty oak transformed into this beautiful statement stable door
Traditional ironmongery complements the finish
Quality wood demands quality finishing products to ensure durability

Doors of this nature can take between 4-6 weeks from start to finish. Two weeks of that time frame allows the timber, in this case, Oak, to acclimatise in the workshop.

When asked what he loves about his line of work, Matt says, “one of the most enjoyable aspects of what I do is leaving evidence of my craftsmanship in a French home”. So we think it fair to say that they will look absolutely fabulous in the home they were designed and crafted for.

Visit Matt’s profile for more information on the type of work that he undertakes