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Committing to the ‘French Lifestyle’

Whether living, holidaying or working in France, the French lifestyle is definitely something us Expats aspire to; the 2 hour lunches with a carafe of wine as standard, not thinking twice about leaving your front door unlocked when popping off to the shops or the clear roads to work in the morning with no traffic jams in sight ( Paris excluded of course!) . But what exactly is the ‘French way of life’ and how do we achieve it? Well, according to MOM – Maison&Objet Paris the French lifestyle means grabbing life by the horns, making the most of your days, celebrating with friends and family combined with the courage to be daring and hedonistic — well, in moderation of course!

So, knowing how we need to behave in order to convey our conviction to French living, how can these traits be conveyed through our interiors and reinforced in the way we style our own homes, I hear you ask? ……..Well, I’m glad you brought it up!….. MOM have kindly suggested a selection of French furniture and homeware retailers in this post below to help you make sure that, from this day forward, anyone who walks through your front door will be in no doubt of your passion and commitment to joie de vivre!